To help you find newly added products, or for you to understand when a product was first made available in Tipser, we are now releasing the possibility to add "Published Date" filter and a date stamp on all products featured in the portal.


Published Date filter

In the inventory view, you can find the "Published Date" filter. 

  • By applying a from date, all products that have been published in Tipser from that date will be visible.
  • By applying a to date, all products that have been published in Tipser to that date will be visible.
  • To apply the selected date range, simply click outside the filter.
  • The date fields can be used together or separately.

Tip: This feature makes it possible for you to filter by date on published products of your preferred merchants.

Select your preferred merchants in the merchant filter and select your specific date in the Published date filter. If you want to have the latest products appear first, select sorting by latest. 

Tip: Remember that you can always save a filter and/or a search by bookmarking the URL in your browser.  

Published Date

By clicking on any product in the inventory view, it is now visible when the product was first published in Tipser by scrolling down on the product detail page.