The Tipser Campaign Bot simplifies the way of negotiating campaigns and helps you to request and receive campaigns from merchants. As a publisher you can easily upload your campaign needs and let merchants submit their best suggestions via a simple form. 

Follow these steps to get going directly:

  1. Upload your relevant campaign slots to present what you are looking for.
  2. The merchant will be able to choose from all the campaign slots and will provide you with the requested information.
  3. All campaign submissions will show up in the Assortment Master Deck on the Merchant Pitches sheet.
  4. Confirm the legally binding campaign with an e-mail towards the merchant and make sure to enter the data - as usual - in the campaign sheet to have it set-up in the system.
  5. Filtering in the sheet enables you to easily keep track on all incoming campaign submissions. Make sure to also mark the ones you are not interested in to keep the document updated and to have a better overview.

Tip: The merchants can access the Campaign Bot via the Merchant Portal. You can also share this direct link with them.