A merchant onboarding page is a landing page created and hosted by you to present your sales pitch to potential merchants and partners.


Creation of a Merchant Onboarding Page

The merchant onboarding page is a crucial tool in your sales process. It enables you to easily onboard merchants with just a few clicks. As your virtual business card it visualises your sales offering and encourages partners to start working with you. This will save you a lot of time since it is way more efficient than creating a heavy pitch deck and sending thousands of e-mails. Thanks to the direct connection to the Tipser sign-up, it will also make collaboration between the Merchant Success Team more transparent and help when prioritising the onboards coming through your platform.

When creating a merchant onboarding page, we recommend including the following elements:

  • strong key visuals representing your e-commerce-DNA
  • your sales pitch & USPs
  • information on your target audience
  • visualisation of the exposure opportunities
  • quotes of testimonials from clients you already work with
  • best cases of successful campaigns & collaborations
  • a small section with frequently asked questions
  • some basics on how to get onboarded
  • a strong CTA to sign up for Tipser

Connection to the merchant sign-up dialogue

Once you have created the landing page, you only need to insert a small code snippet that opens the Tipser merchant sign-up dialogue. Merchants can then register their account without even leaving your site. Tipser's developer documentation will guide you through the simple implementation.

Tipser Publisher Network Page

Next to your own merchant onboarding page, we plan to feature all of our clients on the Tipser Publisher Network Page. This page is a platform for all Tipser merchants to get an overview of the whole publishing network that Tipser is collaborating with. At the same time, they have the opportunity to connect with you by submitting campaigns and introducing themselves. The content on the page is curated by your Key Account Manager, who will reach out to you to collect all the necessary material that you want to utilise to present your platform.