The commission is the revenue that you are earning per each completed purchase through Tipser. Is is a percentage on the consumer price and based on the negotiations that you have had with the merchants in advance.


Commission strategy

Your commission strategy is a result of your assortment strategy. Depending on what kind of merchants you are onboarding, the level of commission can differ a lot. Merchants who are selling beauty and fashion products are having way higher margins than the ones who are selling tech or interior. And if you decide to collaborate with a retailer rather than the brand directly, you have another player in the game who wants to earn a cut of the commission. It is therefore of relevance to align your strategy when it comes to commissions to make sure you are selling the right products for your revenue expectations.

Default Commission

The default commission is the revenue split that merchants are agreeing on when initially being onboarded to Tipser. It is - if not explicitly mentioned  - applicable for all their products in the assortment.

Tip: You want to work with an already onboarded merchant but the commission is below your expectation? You can always re-enter the negotiations with the merchant and agree on a specific commission that is suitable for your platform. Just make sure to inform the Merchant Success Team accordingly so that the adjustments will be reflected in the system.

Campaign Commission

The campaign commission is specific for a certain campaign period and campaign product(s). It needs to be negotiated for each campaign between you and the merchant. Once you have agreed on the terms, make sure to fill in the information in the campaign sheet in the assortment master deck to have it applied for your campaign.

Negotiate Commissions

Negotiating commissions is an essential part of your success strategy. Agreeing on the default commission is the initial step in order to start working and earning revenue with merchants. But with Tipser you are not limited to dealing with only one commission level. Especially if you have decided to run exclusive campaigns, negotiating specific campaign commissions for a limited period of time can be an excellent growth opportunity. These commissions are usually higher than the default ones since you are offering the merchant extra exposure and brand awareness.

Tip: You don't know exactly how to build a strategy around campaigns and negotiate campaign commissions? Check our campaign chapter for more insights.

Commission in the Publisher Portal

The commission that you are seeing in the publisher portal - no matter where - is always showing your share of the split without the Tipser share. Please keep in mind that when working with the assortment master deck and when negotiating with the merchants, it is always the total commission that is shown.