No one knows your target audience better than you do. It’s important to follow through with an audience analysis to outline characteristics, attitudes and behaviours of your target audience in order to base assortment, content and market strategy on the interest of your audience. We recommend to analyse the following areas:


By looking at some classic parameters like demographics and interests, it is possible to tell a lot about your audience and their shopping needs. The analysis will help you to narrow your target audience and will deliver useful insights for you internally as well as externally when onboarding partners.


A great orientation when analysing your audience are the best clicked articles and topics on your platform. This helps you to get a better overview of what content clicks best and where you should embed shopping elements in order to maximise exposure. 

Previous Experience

Data tells a lot about what works - and what doesn't work. Take some time to analyse your past e-commerce and advertisement experiences to discover shopping trends amongst your audience and translate this knowledge into your new project.


If you don't have any experience with e-commerce, it is surely recommended to have a look at your competitors. What are they selling, how do they create content and what is their success recipe. A competitor analysis is never about copying what anyone else is doing but understanding patterns and also figuring out what niche you could cover in order to stand out.

Tip: Use our template for the Platform and Audience analysis and make use of many questions and guidelines that will help you with the set-up of your project.