To help editors to get a better overview of daily information such as sales, new products, collection stock alerts, and new merchants, we have launched the Publisher Home Page.


To help all editors to easier find products, we are now including subcategories in our filter search and product SKU in our Inventory Search. 


Home Page 

Notifications box

In the notifications box, you will find information on how many merchants we have onboarded in the past 30 days as well as new products added to Tipser Inventory from existing merchants. 

Collection Stock Alerts

To not miss out on any sales because a product is out or low in stock, we are introducing the Collection Stock Alerts Box.  By clicking any of the collections you will get redirected to the collections page so that you can take necessary actions. 

Tip: Make sure to always add products that you are featuring to collections so you don't miss out on any stock alerts. 


Mini analytics

To keep track of your daily sales at one glimpse, we are featuring the mini analytics on the home page. Use the quick filters to easily compare your sales to yesterday, last week or last month.

New Merchants

Have you ever wondered if there are any new merchants on Tipser today? Now you will know about every new merchant onboarded in our new merchants section. 

New Products

We shouldn't forget about the new products that are being uploaded to your inventory by already existing merchants. In this section, new products will be shown as soon as they are made available by our existing merchants. 

Search using SKU's

As an editor, you might sometimes get an SKU number from a merchant. How are you supposed to find that product? Well, now you can in the Inventory Search! Simply write the SKU and the product will be suggested to you. 

Search in Filters

You can now search on categories and subcategories in the filter search. Select the department and type what you are looking for. Tada!