This brief overview describes all the steps of the onboarding process before you can start selling products of a merchant:

  1. Reach out to the merchant with your pitch or take care of an inbound lead from the merchant
  2. Negotiate default commission and terms of the collaboration
  3. Send an e-mail with the confirmed terms to the merchant with a copy to the Merchant Success Team
  4. Ask the merchant to sign up to Tipser via
  5. Merchant Success Team reaches out to the merchant to discuss the technical integration to Tipser
  6. Merchant Success Team monitors the technical integration of the merchant
  7. Merchant Success Team takes care of a final product data quality check
  8. Merchant Success Team activates the merchant in Tipser
  9. Products of the merchant can now be found in the inventory tab of the portal and all contact details are accessible in the contact list so that you can start setting up campaigns 

Tip: During the set-up phase, the Merchant Acquisition Team will host a workshop on how to onboard merchants and will give you all the necessary tools to be successful with your sales efforts.