Once you are all set with the implementation of your e-commerce project, it is time to officially introduce it and come up with a strategy on how to communicate the new offering to your audience. Since embedded commerce is still relatively new to many people, especially on your platform, you should come up with a communication strategy that involves all the channels you are working with.

How your launch strategy will look depends on your overall strategy of how you communicate with your audience. Just make sure that you are transparent and proud and tell everyone about the newly launched shopping destination. Here are some ideas that can help you to create a buzz around your launch:

  • write an article about the new offering on your platform
  • send a special newsletter only telling about the launch 
  • create content on how to shop on your platform for example a how-to-shop-video
  • include your whole network - including influencers, partners, other media - to make the audience aware of your offering and increase your credibility
  • negotiate exclusive campaigns for the first weeks of the launch
  • introduce a discount code for all purchases during the first weeks after launch
  • create a special hashtag for your store on social media to celebrate the launch
  • buy some social ads to promote your new offering

Attention: This is not the time to be shy. Take the opportunity to educate your audience and position yourself as a credible shopping destination.