Whenever users enter your platform, it is important that, at first glance, they can understand that they are on a surface with shoppable content. Several indicators help you to create a trustworthy shopping destination:

  • have the shopping cart visible all the time
  • implement a link to the shop as part of the navigation menu
  • develop recognisable branding of your shopping offering
  • frequently implement products into your articles
  • always be transparent about your shopping offering
  • include a FAQ section and trust icons

Example: Trust Icons

You should place trust icons close to the products to make the customer feel safe when purchasing from your platform. Make sure to also include them on the store page. You can decide what trust icons to use that fit your needs and emphasise the safety of the shopping experience.

Example phrases that you can use:

14-day return policy

Editor's pick

Safe payment

Free shipping

Free returns

Examples of frequently used icons:

Example: Store

Branding your store page is also important to give a trustworthy impression that you are now also a trusted shopping destination. If the store has a completely different design than the rest of your platform, it won’t feel native. Make sure to utilise all the customisation opportunities of Tipser’s technology to make the store feel like an integrated part of your offering.

Example: FAQ

It's important to communicate to your readers how they can easily shop in your store and how it works. This is why we highly recommend creating an FAQ section on your site that is easily reachable through your store page and explains the most frequent questions about the store, the shipping and return terms and how the customer support works.

Example: Shopping Icon

Implementing a shopping icon is another way of introducing your audience to the new shopping opportunity on your platform. Wherever embedded, it will quickly indicate that there is shoppable content coming up, and it will remind all users that they can buy products directly from your site.