What they do

Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s biggest print and online newspaper, implemented embedded commerce into its monetization approach. To generate new media revenue and strengthen reader loyalty and engagement, DN promotes exclusive deals for their subscribers regularly to deepen the reader relationships even further. The offers are not only featured on DN.Erbjudanden’s shop page but also in a weekly shopping newsletter, in ad spaces, and the print magazine. This multi-channel strategy helps to raise awareness and credibility for the project and educate the audience about their current campaigns. The campaigns usually feature an exclusive discount, special delivery terms, or branded products like the DN electric bike. The bike is customised with the logo of the newspaper, and due to the uniqueness of the product and the loyalty of the audience, it is a huge success for the platform and sells out every year. Other success factors include the curated selection of high-quality products and the offering of well-known brands.

How they do it

Dagens Nyheter uses Tipser Elements as the foundation for their e-commerce project. They have implemented Tipser by Bolt’s ready-to-use building blocks and have applied their own CSS styles to adapt the look and feel to their own corporate identity. This approach is very time and resource-efficient, low in maintenance, and shows that even with only basic set-up and effort, you can build an e-commerce experience that feels truly native.

How it looks like