What they do

InStyle is part of the Burda network and one of Germany’s leading fashion & lifestyle magazines. With their award-winning e-commerce concept Shop-It, they managed to transform their platform into a shopping destination, offering a native and convenient experience by minimizing the use of outbound shopping links. In the Shop-It store, InStyle features their top picks of premium brands and affordable alternatives for their fashion-interested audience. Thanks to the hands-on editorial approach, InStyle's concept is mostly known for its curated campaigns that feature the editors' favourite products in a product-first format called “Deal of the week”. This format helped build a regular interaction with the audience and is promoted throughout all their communication channels: shopping newsletters, social media posts, print integrations, and of course, a lot of editorial articles. The main reason for the success of InStyle is for sure the commitment that the team was willing to invest. A lot of testing and analysing helped them to build the best possible offer for their audience. They never miss out on any opportunity to talk about the concept and market it consistently - both in visual and written form. Another success factor is the close relationship with merchants. The team has been onboarding an enormous amount of merchants themselves and built up an assortment that is a perfect fit for their audience. Many merchants regularly run campaigns via InStyle and utilise this exclusive environment to increase both sales and brand awareness.

How they do it

InStyle’s very committed tech team did an outstanding job in creating a premium shopping destination with Tipser technology. Right from the beginning, they aimed towards having all of their e-commerce activities merged under one umbrella. This ambition led them to use Tipser API to have full control over the store frontend and the product card. It is only when entering the product detail view that the information is rendered in a Tipser product widget. This is how InStyle could combine the advantages of creating a native shopping experience that includes their whole e-commerce offering and the simplicity of Tipser’s out-of-the-box checkout experience at the same time.

How it looks like