This could be for several reasons:

  • Discounts only begin to show on the day the campaign starts. Make sure to check again once it is live.
  • If the campaign is not in the campaign plan, we can’t set it up for you. Please check that all relevant information is in the schedule.
  • If you are inserting products with the Tipser Product ID into your CMS, the price only shows after it has been activated in Tipser. In that case: please update the product in your content and it will be visualised correctly. We recommend inserting the products only after the discount is activated to save time.

If the discount is still not visible, please reach out to the Merchant Success Team for further investigation.

Tip: If you want to check in advance if your campaign is technically working, you can ask the Merchant Success Team to activate the campaign before the actual start date. That’s a great way of checking everything is set up perfectly before you publish your content.