The Tipser Campaign Engine can be used for:

  • promotion codes for a product, merchant, or the whole assortment
  • give a percentage discount on a certain product or merchant
  • give a money amount discount on one specific product
  • free shipping or free returns for a product or merchant
  • trigger discounts with a minimum order value or a minimum number of bought products
  • exclude products or merchants from chosen campaigns
  • special campaign commissions for products or merchants

We can make a lot of magic happen. But please bear in mind that some things are still under development at the moment. We are planning to introduce the following features in the near future:

  • unique one-time-use promotion codes 
  • give a money amount discount on multiple products or a whole merchant’s assortment
  • promotion codes that can be used on one variant only
  • discounts on only one certain variant (size, colour) of a product
  • promotion codes for a whole shop category or collection
  • campaign duration until “product is sold out” or “x amount of products are sold”
  • promotion codes that can mix different conditions for one campaign like discounts
  • bundles where you can get a product for free if you buy the campaign product
  • automatically recurring promotion codes (for example, only active every Sunday)
  • minimum order value for different VATs mixed in one campaign
  • minimum number of products that trigger a discount on different colours/sizes

Please also reach out to us if you feel unsure about whether the campaign you are planning is possible to set up. We will be sure to find a solution together!