Your pitch deck is your flagship and will support your sales team in onboarding merchants. Remember that this way of embedding e-commerce is fairly new to many of the merchants you talk to. Take some time to explain it to them. 

Based on our experience, the following elements might be helpful:

  • strong key visuals representing your e-commerce-DNA
  • your sales pitch & USPs
  • information on your target audience
  • visualisation of the exposure opportunities
  • quotes of testimonials from clients you already work with
  • best cases of successful campaigns & collaborations
  • a small section with frequently asked questions
  • some basics on how to get onboarded
  • a strong CTA to sign up for Tipser

Most of our clients create a merchant onboarding page where they bundle all their sales material in one place, convert the merchant straight away, and avoid long e-mails and back-and-forth conversations.